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Always coloring within the lines and trying to fit your genius into a neat little box can be really lonely...and really boring.

Just Boss is a collective, podcast, and brand to connect you with other out-of-the-box, visionary women who aren’t afraid to share their real story. From the hot mess to the big success and everything in between.

In fact, it’s about knowing that no one is you, and that is your power. Just Boss stands for bold, ambitious, mold-breakers who refuse to conform to expectations and limitations about who or what they need to be as a boss. They’re just doing the damn thing. They’re just boss. 

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Heya! I'm Jacqueline.

I help entrepreneurs brand & market themselves in a way that actually feels good, not only to them but to their audience too. I’m all about storytelling, real talk, + connecting people (like you!).

The idea for Just Boss came out of the blue earlier in 2017. It grew into this vision that I didn't quite know I had inside of me. I knew I had to create something so much bigger than myself that fostered connection, cultivated a group of bosses committed to radical realness, and provided the space for these women to share their stories and grow together.

I didn't even know what all of this would look like. Until... well, now.

I'm so grateful you're here. 


On Just Boss: The Podcast, Jacqueline Yvette serves up some mega truth and realness about entrepreneurship, personal development, branding, marketing, and more!

You can expect to hear:

 - Actionable, inspiring interviews with a diverse group of entrepreneurs

- Value-packed solo episodes with Jacqueline

 - Story Sunday episodes that feature the raw, unfiltered, free-flowing stories of Just Boss featured guests.

Just Boss: The Podcast
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